Ranking of furnished tourist accommodation


A ranking system born under a lucky star

In order to improve the quality of tourist accommodation, the Valberg Tourist Office has implemented a new service for property owners of furnished holiday accommodation. This service provides owners of rental properties with a consultant dedicated to the classification of furnished accommodation, in addition to offering them advice on how improve to the quality of their rental properties.

A national policy to improve the quality of holiday accommodation

Faced with an increasingly demanding clientele and the importance of star ratings as a universal benchmark for quality, excellent customer service and hospitality remain key factors in the ongoing success of the tourist industry.

In order to better guarantee the quality of tourist accommodation across the board, the French government has decided to improve the official ranking system of holiday accommodation (hotels, campsites and furnished accommodation), allowing it to better take into account customer expectations and international quality standards (law of 22 July 2009).

  • Qualitative classification criteria
  • Modern classification criteria
  • A classification awarded for 5 years
  • A single range of classification from 1* to 5*

The advantages of the classification of furnished accommodation :

 > Taxation: an advantageous system for classified furnished tourist accommodation which benefits from a tax allowance of 71% (compared to 50% for unclassified accommodation). The annual income threshold is also higher for classified furnished tourist accommodation. 

> Payments: free affiliation to the National Holiday Voucher Agency. A ranked furnished holiday accommodation property can accept payment of its rental services in holiday vouchers. Professionals approved in this way are listed on the website www.ancv.com and in the national guide.

> Enhancing the value of our heritage: ranking our accommodation means grading it in terms of comfort, quality of hospitality, facilities and amenities. The star rating is a guarantee of quality for the customer, allowing guests to quickly determine the level of service offered.

> Reassuring the clientele: the classification system guarantees strict compliance with a uniform national standard of comfort and habitability symbolised by a number of stars, allowing owners to reassure prospective guests.

> Standing out from the competition and strengthening market position: the star rating system gives property owners better visibility of their accommodation portfolio. Applying for a star rating allows the proprietor to assess his market position according to the specifications of his properties, his geographical area and his strategic orientation.

> Better promotion of accommodation: classified furnished tourist accommodation benefits from a priority listing on the website www.valberg.com, if the proprietor partners with the Valberg Tourist Office.

Useful documents

For questions concerning the classification of furnished accommodation, contact the Valberg Tourist Office
Mail: resa@valberg.com

Classification criteria (document in French)