Valberg is dedicated to sustainability for the mountains

Since its creation, Valberg has always favoured the sustainable development of its territory and its activities. This intention was formalised in 2007 with the signing of the National Charter for the Sustainable Development of Mountain Resorts, now called Cimes Durables.

This charter was drawn up by the ANMSM (National Association of Mayors of Mountain Resorts) and aims to support and connect the signatory resorts so that they can implement projects that integrate the best social and environmental criteria.

Moreover, since 2018, Valberg is the only resort in the Southern Alps with the "Flocon Vert" label. Supported by the Mountain Riders association, this label distinguishes mountain resorts with very advanced sustainable development. Development projects, investments for better resource management, public awareness of sustainable development, protection of the landscape and natural areas, environmentally friendly transport,... the resort is active on all fronts.

Optimised public lighting

Optimised public lighting

All the lights in the centre of the resort are equipped with LED bulbs, which are more energy efficient. In addition, in order to optimise electricity consumption, the station's public lighting is controlled by an automated system. Thus, every night from midnight to 6am, the lighting in the peripheral areas is switched off (except along main traffic routes) and the intensity of the lighting in the resort’s centre is reduced by around 30%.

Thanks to these efforts Valberg was awarded the prestigious label of International Dark Sky Reserve in 2019. This distinction, awarded by the International Dark Sky Association, based in the United States, rewards exceptional night sky quality and encourages communities to take action to reduce light pollution.

Our community has become the 14th RICE in the world, and the 3rd in France, after the Pic du Midi de Bigorre in the Pyrenees and the Cévennes National Park, and the 1st in the South-East region.


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Keep our mountain clean

Keep our mountain clean

Every year, in collaboration with committed partners, the resort organises its waste collection day.

Summer and winter, the resort provides pocket ashtrays. This initiative, supported by the Syndicat Intercommunal de Valberg, the Ecole de Ski Français (ESF) of Valberg and the Société d'Exploitation des Remontées Mécaniques, helps to raise public awareness of the fragility of nature while reducing the number of cigarette butts discarded in the villages and surrounding mountains. Ashtrays are available at the tourist office, at the ski lift ticket offices and at the ESF office.

Developing ecotourism

What is ecotourism?
It is a form of responsible tourism in natural areas that contributes to the protection of the environment and the well-being of local populations.

with the Mercantour Ecotourism Association

Mercantour Ecotourism (AME) is an association working alongside the Mercantour National Park in the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (ECST). In order to develop an ecotourism offer and to advance in the field of sustainable tourism, Valberg and the AME have joined forces to encourage communication and to optimise the combined strengths of the resort and the professionals involved in the field of ecotourism.

Together, we are committed to the development of a range of tourism services based on the following principles:

- To actively contribute to the protection of our natural and cultural heritage
- To include local communities in its planning, development and operation and to contribute to their well-being
- To offer visitors a understanding of natural and cultural heritage
- To offer tourism products that are better adapted to solo travellers as well as to organised trips in fragile areas
- To develop small group travel for an ethical commitment to local

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with the "Esprit Parc National" brand

Created by the National Parks of France, this brand, inspired by nature, upholds the values of the National Parks and promotes service providers committed to environmental protection.

Craftsmen, farmers, beekeepers, breeders, tour guides, accommodation providers, artists; and many others are involved in the Esprit Parc National adventure!

By representing the brand, they share with consumers :

  • Their love for the area in which they live and/or work,
  • Their passion for their business,
  • Their knowledge of these unique areas and their skills.

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HQE energy renovation

HQE energy renovation

The "Haute Qualité Environnementale" label

The Valberg nursery, "les p'tits poucets", meets the requirements of the HQE (High Environmental Quality) standard. Thanks to efficient insulation, a surface geothermal system combined with a heat pump and a solar water heater, the building consumes very little energy. In addition, its structure clad in wood shingles blends perfectly into the landscape.

In 2011, the renovation of the school's insulation and the installation of an air/water heat pump enabled the building to also effectively reduce its fuel consumption. 

As for the Gendarmerie (office of the rural police), in 2014 it benefited from insulation work in order to be more energy efficient.

The drinking water treatment plant

The drinking water treatment plant


Inaugurated in 2011, the drinking water treatment plant uses state-of-the-art technology: ultrafiltration. Water sourced from the springs of Mont Mounier, in the heart of the Mercantour massif, is subjected to a chemical free membrane filtration process which results in drinking water of very high quality, free of taste and smell. This filtration plant provides Valberg with its entire water supply.

Snow guns

Snow guns

Snow guaranteed!

Approximately 400 snow guns ensure snow coverage of about 85% of the ski area.  The snowmaking plant is supplied with water from 3 reservoirs with a total capacity of 260,000 m3. Particular attention is paid to detecting leaks (water and compressed air) in the system in order to limit consumption of resources as much as possible.

Waste sorting

Waste sorting

For efficient waste management

The collection of waste in Valberg is managed by the Communauté de Communes Alpes Azur. Waste is sorted into three categories: packaging and paper (recyclable), glass (recyclable) and household waste (non-recyclable). These are collected at a number of public collection points located throughout the resort.

The commitment of the station to improve the sorting of garbage has also made it possible to organise waste with a view to its recycled usage. A collection point is located at the administrative centre, where it is possible to dispose of :

  • Batteries
  • Recyclable lamps and neon lights
  • Ink cartridges
  • Pens and writing instruments

There are also two clothing and shoe collection points located in the school car park and the sports park car park.