For a successful winter sports holiday

Preparing your trip to the mountains, remembering what to pack, and adopting the correct reflexes.


Before hitting the road

* Equip your vehicle accordingly: snow tyres; chains or socks; snow scraper and gloves to remove any snow. Such equipment may be mandatory on mountain roads (presence of the police)

* Remember to check: your battery (which can discharge more quickly in sub-zero temperatures); your engine oil level (prefer an oil adapted to winter conditions); your coolant and your special anti-frost window cleaning liquid.

* Find out about road conditions on the website or by calling Make sure you leave during the day (winter driving conditions can be more difficult at night).

* On the snow, drive more smoothly, reduce your speed and use engine braking.

Packing the children's suitcase

* Concerning the clothes from top to bottom, do not hesitate to layer up: under-sweater, fleece and waterproof anorak. On the bottom, don't forget the tights or the underpants to wear under special snow trousers.

* A pair of après-ski boots with good socks.

* And the essentials: hat, gloves or mittens, scarf.

Don't forget to bring a change of clothes, as children tend to get wet when playing in the snow!

Remember that the sun is very aggressive in the mountains, so pack sunglasses (preferably with soft temples for babies) that are CE-regulated with UV filters, as well as high protection sun cream, sun block.

Mountain holidays with a baby

Mountain holidays with a baby

* Your baby will adapt very well to the altitude of Valberg (1700 m). During the journey, take one or two meal breaks to get your child used to the altitude. When in doubt, seek advice from your paediatrician.

* Your baby is more sensitive to the cold than you are, so be careful when he is in the baby carrier, he will get cold very quickly.

* Organise your outings with baby at the warmest times of the day between 11 AM and 3 PM.

* Spring is usually the best time to take your baby to the mountains, as the days are longer and the temperatures more pleasant.

On ski slopes

* Access to ski lifts is forbidden with a back or front baby carrier. The cold and the fall of the carrier are the two main risks.

* Get your children used to wearing an approved helmet from the moment they start skiing. Encourage the whole family to wear one as well: dad, mum, grandma, grandpa...

* Don't let your children ski alone. Enjoy the learning process too, and start with them.

* Each child has their own pace of progress. Skiing must remain a pleasure and the stars are not rewards!

* Benefit from the activities organised by the resort on the slopes, such as the torchlight descent every Friday during school holidays. Registration at the ESF (French Ski School)

* Inform your children about the safety rules on the slopes.

« Famille Plus » partners

« Famille Plus » partners

Hosts and restaurateurs committed to welcoming families alongside the resort.

These hospitality and tourism professionals offer:

* Comfortable childcare furniture for the little ones.

* A practical baby changing area.

* Menus adapted to the tastes and appetites of young guests.

* And indoor games: books, board games, etc. available at the hosts'.