Land of bicycle touring and a section of the Grandes Alpes route

Splendidly located at the top of a pass at an altitude of 1,700m, the resort of Valberg offers limitless options for cycling enthusiasts.
From the starting point at the top of the upper Var and Cians valleys, you can extend your play area to the Tinée, Ubaye and even Verdon valleys.


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The Valbergane

An exceptional route through the heart of the Mercantour National Park.

Distance : 190km
Elevation Gain : 4600m

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The 4 Passes

An remarkable itinerary on which you will exceed the 2000m altitude mark three times in one day.

Distance : 137km
Elevation Gain : 3600m

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The Red Gorges

Discover the amazing red gorges of the Cians and Daluis on this unique and accessible route.

Distance: 83km
Elevation Gain : 1500m

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Guillaumes Circuit

A local "classic" descending from Valberg to Guillaumes and ascending on the other side of the valley via Péone.

Distance: 28km
Elevation Gain : 900m

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Col de la Couillole

Another "classic", this time descending from Valberg to Beuil and then back up to the Col de la Couillole. From here one has the option of continuing on to Roubion.

Distance : 27km
Elevation Gain : 580m

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The Perched Villages

Valberg is the perfect starting place for exploring the various perched villages of the Val d'Entraunes in 1, 2 or 3 ascents.

Distance : 82km
Elevation Gain : 2500m

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Verdon Escapade

To the east of the Gorges de Daluis lies the Haute-Vallée du Verdon. Making good speed, you will cycle through unique and distinctive scenery.

Distance: 150km
Elevation Gain : 3060m

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Very few people know this route linking the Cians and the Tinée. Nevertheless it is a great challenge for cyclists.

Distance: 81km
Elevation Gain : 2570m

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Route des Grandes Alpes

The celebrity of the Grandes Alpes route is no longer in dispute. This section of the route starting from the sources of the Var river, will enchant you as you cross the Cayole and Couillole mountain passes, discovering medieval villages such as Péone and Beuil en route.

Distance: 60km
Elevation Gain : 1210m

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Tinée Circuit

Explore two iconic valleys, the Cians Gorges and the Tinée Valley. 96 kms of alternating climbs and flat sections.

Distance: 96km
Elevation Gain : 2340m

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Le Mounard

Do you know Le Mounard? A detour on the road to the Col des Champs will allow you to discover this small hidden hamlet full of charm.

Distance: 63km
Elevation Gain : 1620m

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