Sentier des Pionniers (Pioneer Trail)

Discover 80 years of history

An urban trail in the footsteps of the men who built Valberg !

Following a route lined with informative panels illustrated by photos and original documents, this historical stroll allows you to travel back in time, to relive the era of the agricultural lands that in the next 80 years would become a first class mountain resort.

Valberg unveils itself to the rhythm of your steps

Stroll through the neighbourhoods of the village on a family walk, pausing to admire a stunning view or to gaze up at an impressive building. Meandering through the streets and paths of the ancestral hamlets, discover Valberg at your own pace and in your own time.

At the heart of the resort, a scaled model shows of the evolution of the buildings. A little further on, you can read about the history of the church. In the neighbourhoods on the hills, three viewpoints are set up as windows onto history. Along the route red markers show a map of the area to help you find your way, so you can choose to keep going, or to go back and continue your walk later on.

Discover the hiking booklet, suggesting 16 hikes around the resort including the Pioneer Trail.

On sale at the Tourist Office, 5€.