Since 1936

Situated at an altitude of 1700m in the heart of the Southern Alps and at the gateway to the Mercantour National Park

Valberg, a charming, authentic and friendly village-resort, is located at only 1h15 from the Mediterranean coast, by road through the Gorges du Cians or Daluis. Valberg opened in 1936 with the first chairlift in the Alpes-Maritimes and in 2017 celebrated its 80th anniversary! It is the oldest resort in the department.

A warm, welcoming atmosphere emanates from village houses, rustic farms and modern accommodation, surrounded by breathtaking nature under the Azurian sun. Valberg is located at the top of a pass, providing stunning views of the mountain range of Saint Honorat to the West, and of the Mont Mounier, the pastures of Beuil and Couillole Pass to the East.


An inclusive resort

Whether you visit us with family or friends... everything is provided for to make your stay in the resort unique and unforgettable, with up to 300 days of sunshine each year.

The ideal holiday for families, thanks to numerous activities for all ages and all tastes. Not forgetting the Famille Plus label which guarantees a special welcome for families and the "Les P'tits Poucets" nursery for parents' peace of mind, special rates and a range of activities... Come with friends, enjoy the fresh air and relax or get active together!

There are numerous hikes in the heart of the Mercantour National Park that allow you to discover the fauna and flora of the Alps, there are thrills at the Espace Valberg Aventure, a complete change of scenery at the Valberg Golf Club, mountain bike trails and bicycle tracks... To relax after all that activity you can check out the swimming pool, the Spa, the media library, the cinema or enjoy one of the many concerts and shows put on during the season.

Valberg, the Southern Alps resort where life is good thanks to the pedestrian zone in the heart of the village, a free shuttle bus for easy transportation through the area and a multitude of shops, bars, hotels, and restaurants for everyone to enjoy.


The oldest resort in the Alpes-Maritimes

"Vallées des bergers" - Valleys of the Shepherds

Located on the territory of the communes of Péone and Guillaumes, the site of the "Col du Quartier" (the former name of Valberg) was then the place of summer grazing for the herds of dairy cows of the old péoniennes and guillaumoises families, who were fortunate to have meadows of hay, grass pastures and larch forests here.

The ancestral farms, divided over a few hamlets (Cluot de la Mule, Lagas, Combarionne, les Atres, les Huerris, la Rouille) housed families during the summer months, who at the time were engaged in a nomadic "human transhumance". They depended on a few wells dug mostly at the foot of the Croix du Sapet and on cisterns fed by rainwater, carefully collected at the bottom of the larch shingle roofs.

The name Valberg comes from "VAL" for the 3 valleys that surround it (Cians, Haute Vallée du Var and Tuebi) and "BERG" for the Bergians (shepherds).

The first "ski lift" in the Alpes Maritimes, the "téléluge" of Cloutas, about 300 m long, was installed in 1936 on the northern slope of the Croix du Sapet. It operated from 8am until nightfall.


1935 - Creation of the first Cloutas chairlift (about 300 m) on the slopes of the Sapet.
1936 - A new resort is born in the mountains between the famous Gorges du Cians and those of Daluis where the Var flows.
1947 - Development of the Fallot and Croix du Sapet ski lifts - First urban planning project.
1968 - Valberg was classified as a National Ski and Mountaineering Resort.
1978 - Development of the Sports Park.
1979 - Establishment of the Raton - Barzès domain - Creation of the Mercantour National Park.
1981 - Beginning of reinforcement works on the road through the Gorges du Cians.
1984 - First summer toboggan run at Fallot - Creation of the Maison Valbergane.
1988 - Creation of the Parc des Oursons (Snow Garden).
1989 - Implementation of artificial snow equipment.
1994 - Completion of the Clot de Maty reservoir (40,000 m3), now the Lac du Sénateur.
2001 - Inauguration of the "Espace Valberg Aventure" tree top rope course.
2002 - Completion of the "Espace Mounier" multipurpose hall.
2004 - Creation of the Eguilles reservoir (60,000 m3).
2005 - TSD6 des Eguilles (1480m long, speed of ascent increases from 12 minutes to 4.5 minutes).
2006 - 1st resort in the Alpes-Maritimes to offer hands free, online rechargeable ski passes.
- Valberg obtains the Famille Plus label, unique in the department's ski resorts;
- Valberg wins the Tourism Awards.
2007 - Opening of the Valberg Golf Club, a 9-hole course, the only mountain golf course in the department approved by the FFG;
- Creation of the Col des Anguilliers reservoir (130 000m3);
- Valberg formalises its commitment to sustainable tourism by signing the National Charter of Mountain Resorts, now called Cimes Durables.
2008 - Creation of the Planetary Trail and the Sledding Stadium;
- Opening of the "Les P'Tits Poucets" nursery.
2010 - Start of waste recycling in Valberg and surroundings;
- Opening of the "Chalet" des Oursons.
2012 - Construction of a new ski lift on the Combe Ste Marie;
- Launch of the Big Air Bag Freestyle, the Family Park, the Valberg Park. 
2013 - Creation of the multi-sports field.
2014 - Creation of the school canteen.
2015 - Creation of the Skatepark and the Pump Track;
- Inauguration of the Golf Restaurant. 
2016 - Creation of the Bike Park in the Eguilles area.
2017 - Creation of the Historical Trail "In the footsteps of the Pioneers" on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the resort;
- Installation of 70 new snow cannons. 
2019 - Construction of covered conveyor belt at the Garibeuil piste;
- Redevelopment of the schoolyard of the local school.


Major sporting and cultural events

1967 - Interneiges, winter version of Intercities.
1968 - Olympic Torch Relay.  
1988 - Winter Triathlon World Championship, 1st European Sled Dog Race, Ski jumping on the Beuil-Les Launes Olympic ski jump, first steps on snowshoes in Valberg.
1991 - Car Double Looping from the Olympic ski jump at Les Launes by the son of the famous stuntman Rémi Julienne.
1992 - 1st Gundersen (cross country ski race) in Beuil-Les Launes, French Ski Jumping Cup in Beuil-Les Launes.
1993 - Inauguration of the 1st Jean Pazzi Memorial and Kilometre (427m of track - speeds of up to 130km/h).
Jean Pazzi, a child of the resort, was, among other things, Canadian champion, US champion and vice-champion of France in both the slalom and downhill disciplines. He was selected for the Oslo Olympic Games in 1952.
1995 - French Ski Jumping Cup in Beuil-Les Launes.
1996 - European Ski Jumping Cup on the ski jump (89 m) of Beuil-Les Launes : 9 nations;
- Transalp 96 : arrival in Valberg of the Alps crossing by dogsled.
1997 et 1998 - Duathlon des Neiges for the French Cup.
1998 et 1999 - La Virenque de Valberg, bicycle race over 3 mountain passes.
1999 à 2008 - Snow Triathlon for the World Cup.
2000 à 2004 - Les Rencontres cinématographiques.
2002 à 2014 - European Comics Festival.
2009 - 1st Snow Trail organised by the Club des Sports des Portes du Mercantour.
2010 - 1st Valberg Trail organised by the Club des Sports des Portes du Mercantour.
2011 - European Snowboard Cup.
2012 - GranFondo Cannondale (cycling event).
2015 : 1st Festival du Rire en Montagne.
2016 - Filming of the series Scènes de ménages;
- Enduro World Series (MTB Enduro World Cup).
2016 à 2017 - Valberg celebrates its 80th anniversary (exhibitions, audio-visual shows and numerous events and activities).
2020 - Saype, famed Land Art creator builds a splendid ephemeral anamorphosis made with natural pigments (ash and chalk), at the Lac du Senateur.
2021 - French Downhill MTB Championship.