Famille Plus


Famille Plus is a national certification awarded to resorts that commit to providing families and children with everything they need for a comfortable and enjoyable holiday!

Our 6 commitments for hosting children and parents:
1. A personalised welcome for families
2. Entertainment to suit all ages
3. From the youngest to the oldest: prices match the age
4. Activities for adults and children to enjoy, together or separately
5. All the shops and services close at hand
6. Skilled staff who know how to make sure children have a great time
FAMILLE PLUS guarantees you a great family holiday, whatever destination you choose!

The FAMILLE PLUS Label is awarded for a three-year period to municipalities that adopt policies to actively welcome families and children.
First, their application is considered and then there is an audit to verify that the criteria are being fully met. An ongoing process of monitoring and checks ensures that local tourist facilities and hospitality for families are constantly being improved and adapted to match their requirements.
 Professionals in the hotel, accommodation, restaurant, activity and other tourist trades work with Famille Plus certified municipalities to offer families the best welcome possible.
- To find out more about the Famille Plus Label click here
- To send your suggestions to Famille Plus, click here or email suggestion@familleplusmontagne.com


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