Yoga Trail

An exceptional environment, conducive to meditation

Opening period : Accessible all year round

A free and imaginative outdoor activity based on yoga and walking, two sports disciplines that are gaining in popularity and whose many physical and psychological benefits are now widely recognised. Come and discover the Yoga Trail during your next stay ! 

Combining yoga with walking can have beneficial health effects, such as: 

  • Better posture;
  • A better control of breath, revitalising lung capacity;
  • Improved concentration;
  • Better resistance to stress and fatigue;
  • General wellness;
  • Maintaining muscle tone;
  • Better overall joint comfort;
  • Improved flexibility
  • Reconnecting with one's body and emotions;

A zen walk in a natural and rejuvenating setting :
Especially redeveloped in the spring of 2021, the Valberg Yoga Trail is located between the resort's golf course and the Col de l'Espaul, the gateway to the Mercantour National Park.

This trail has been expressly created in a natural and restorative environment so that hikers can relax and admire the rich local biodiversity throughout their Zen walk, as well as enjoying magnificent views of the surrounding peaks, such as Saint Honorat or Les Cluots. An ideal setting to awaken your five senses, slow down your pace and connect with nature.

Poses accessible to all, adults and children from 4 years of age.

Accessible to all and available all year round, this "Zen walk" in the mountains has been entirely conceived and designed to offer participants a enviable moment of relaxation and well-being.  Surrounded by the sounds of birdsong and the wind in the trees, relaxation, anchoring, breathing and reconnection to oneself are key. Beginners, novices, experts, children from 4 years of age, adults and seniors... Alone or with others, all are welcome to discover and experience this serene activity.

A total of ten poses are included in the Yoga Trail. After warming up with a gentle walk, participants will come across several yoga stops along the way. Combined with the benefits of walking, the ten poses have been especially chosen to awaken and energise the body, tone and relax the muscles, strengthen the joints, improve posture, increase lung capacity, promote endurance and calm the mind.

For adults

  • The sun salutation
  • The triangle
  • The tree
  • The half moon
  • The balanced stick
  • The eagle
  • The powerful angle
  • The dancer
  • The chair
  • The greeting to the moon

For children from 4 years of age

  • The mountain
  • The tree
  • The butterfly
  • The frog
  • The eagle
  • The bee
  • The cat
  • The dog


New in Valberg, the Yoga trail, which starts at the Golf course, offers you the opportunity to discover some yoga postures thanks to explanatory panels, while enjoying a short sunny walk.

Départ Valberg Golf Club
Arrivée Col de l'Espaul
Accès par bus Shuttle stop at Valberg Golf Club and Col de l'Espaul (in July and August only)
Parking voiture At the Valberg Golf Club and at the Col de l'Espaul
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